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Bukky Agboola, author of I Made it Through, and famous gospel singer, has just released a second book called Giving God Ultimate Love: Over-the-Top Mega Love


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Pastor Leke Sanusi. RCCG. London United Kingdom

"I Made it Through". It's such a powerful testimonial of God's goodness and faithfulness to you especially. We really thank God for your life. I started and almost finished reading the book on my flight to Lagos a few days ago. What a great inspiration and encouragement it is and will be to multitudes. Well done... Praise God indeed!! I wish you and your family all the blessings of this season and a happy, prosperous and fruitful new year ahead in Jesus' name.  We celebrate you and God bless you!" 

J. Lee Grady

"God still speaks today. Just as He told Abram to leave his father’s country and go “to the land which I will show you” (Gen. 12:1, NASB), He can give you clear directions. If you desire to know His plans for you, He will reveal them. He does not dangle carrots in front of us, nor does He play emotional games to keep us in the dark. He beckons us to align with His will, and His greatest blessings await us when we make the faith journey. I believe your faith will be strengthened as you read Bukky’s story. Let faith arise as you continue your own journey with Christ."

J. Lee Grady

Author, 10 Lies the Church Tells Women

10 Lies Men Believe

Director, The Mordecai Project

Former Editor Charisma Magazine


Dr O. Kuti "I Made it Through" Book Review

Great Book. Really inspirational and a blessing.

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Full of valuable guidance and thought-provoking questions, Giving God Ultimate Love inspires us to greater love of God. "Over-the-top, mega love" of God not only brings innumerable blessings to our lives, but also enables our spirits to overcome life's most difficult adversities and trials.

ICN TV Los Angeles CA USA

Celebrate Christmas With Bukky Audio CD
"I received the wonderful CD this morning. I immediately listened to it and I have to say, it is FANTASTIC!  My favorites are "Joy to the World", "The First Noel", and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"... I will definitely recommend this CD to my friends...."
Shelley Liu 劉綺蕙

News Reporter/News Anchor, ICN TV

5 Stars! ITunes Review

Customer Reviews

Celebrate Christmas With Bukky
The Best Different
By Ian Hartridge

This is such a great record and so is the woman representing this beautiful peace of holiday joy! And her voice reminds me of someone in the 1940s, very cinematic but classy. Have a great time putting your up and decorating it while this cd is playing in the background.

Chuck Pennington. California, USA

"JOG is a Christian Orange county men’s group where we meet monthly to share through testimony and song the power of Christ. This past Christmas we had a special program where we invited our ladies and had as our featured speakers, Bukky and Jide. The program and feedback was just outstanding. Both Bukky and Jide shared from the heart their love of Christ.  Bukky added some beautiful Christmas songs which all of us thoroughly enjoyed. Jide and Bukky represent a powerful couple committed to sharing the good news found from a dedicated life in Christ."

First Congregational Church of Anaheim CA

Celebrate Christmas With Bukky- audio CD

"Bukky, My daughter (Melissa) was so pleased....It was just fun to listen to all  her comments as she shared them with whoever would listen. Thank you for putting the joy of Christ in all our hearts.  God Bless you and your ministry. "


God desires that love become our highest goal. Bukky Agboola challenges all of us to explore the important question of whether we have what it takes to give God ultimate love. Full of valuable guidance and thought-provoking questions. Giving God Ultimate Love will help you:

  • Discover the meaning and source of ultimate love
  • Learn how Jesus and others expressed ultimate love
  • Gain practical insights into obedience, worship, and love

Agboola provides guidance and encouragement that even amidst adversity, we can express mega love to our faithful, loving Father and be richly blessed as a result.

Amazon Review Giving God Ultimate Love: Over-The-Top Mega Love

Powerful Perspective!

A fresh perspective on what true love looks like and the accessibility we have to it and to give it. The best thing about this book is that the people in it are real, relatable and give beautiful insight into what loving God actually looks like. This is not just another “how to” book with steps and protocols. This is a “how to” book with examples and thought provoking questions leaving the reader with tools to successfully carry out a life that gives love to God.

Amazon Books "I Made it Through" 5 Stars Book Review USA

A glimpse into seeing what faith would like in a modern day life

An encouraging and fast read! A glimpse into seeing what faith would look like in a modern day life. Very inspiring!

Amazon Reviewer

A story that lifts your faith from a woman with a faith filled heart and powerful prayers

As I read Pastor Agboola story, not only did I see God's faithfullness to Pastor Bukky as she left her native Nigeria to protect her siblings, leaving her parents behind. In doing so, she was continuing her journey of faith. But what has impressed me the most was her faithfulness to the Lord, in her service, come what may. I have personally reached out to her to pray for my sister who is battling cancer. Not only are we seeing a miracle happening in her body but faith hope and encouragement is being poured into my life and my family's lives. She has prayed with me many times as I sat in my car crying. Thank you Pastor Bukky. May God continue to open doors and give you favor where ever your journey takes you! Love, Armida Rodriquez (On Fire Ministries/The Bridge) 💜💜

Mailani E, USA.

"I bought it today , read and finished it the same day ! I was greatly encouraged !!"

Ekkehard H. Germany, Europe

Dear Sister Bukky,
I am in Addis and have read your book during the flight. What a remarkable story of faith, courage, determination. You remind me of Moses who left Egypt and a life of ease. You left London and a financial career in pursuit of the will of God and stepped out in faith with nothing under you but the word of God. You are a woman of faith and God is pleased when we walk by faith.......Gods grace and glory is on you and surrounds you.Lots of blessings!
Your fellowservant in Christ

Tunde O, Nigeria

"Can't wait till morning to write this. The book "I made it through" is a great blessing. Started and couldn't drop it till having read all the pages. The lessons learned are priceless, moreover there is an atmosphere around the book that keeps you praying as you read it. The language on its own is quite descriptive making it a timeless literary work. The icing is the Spirit and Grace the book carries. Indeed, this is a Kingdom project, and we send it out for the healing, restoration and empowerment of nations, families and individuals. Thanks for being a blessing... I have to quickly catch some sleep now."

prweb USA, Xulon Press Announces New Memoir Showcasing Audacious Faith

"Agboola says, “The blessing of God’s amazing prophetic calling upon my life. Friendship with two of Gospel music’s most legendary names, the late Pastor Andrae Crouch and his sister Sandra, and the very special privilege of being acknowledged by the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Professor Yemi Osinbajo, all make my journey a very unique one..."


ITunes Books "I Made it Through" 5 Stars Book Review USA

Absolutely Inspiring-Must Read!

I absolutely loved this book and I reccomemd everyone read it. This book is a beautiful representation of God working in a strong woman’s life today in a very real way. Bukky tells her life testimony in a clever and truthful fashion including not just the blessings she has experienced but also the challenges anyone walking on God’s path will experience. Throughout the book you can see her passion and the deference she has towards Jesus and the great blessings God has worked in her life as a result. The Bible verses throughout the book made me stop and think about my own path and were very valuable, but my favorite portion of the book was the journal entries at the very end. Her testimony of giving up everything to her faith in God is simply inspiring and encourages me to ask questions and take my own steps into a life of faith.

Delaware, USA

"I read your book and it's really inspiring....I pray that God will continue to bless your ministry."

I Made it Through Book Reviews, California USA

"Highly recommended reading for ALL".

"..It creates a sense of walking hand in hand with God Almighty, in a real and simple fashion. The writer makes it clear that anyone walking in these God given principles can have an awesome and exciting walk with God. She keeps it real, powerful, simple and funny"!

"After reading this book, I received a fresh new excitement about waking up each day expecting wonderful things to happen…in the simplest way"!

"I could not finish it fast enough! I laughed, cried and often paused in amazement at how God was leading this young lady in such a simple and powerful manner and that He is as real today as He was in bible times. And so accessible! A wonderful opportunity to share in a great experience- A must read"!


California USA

"Thanks for your wonderful singing.Everybody loved it!...THANKS to God giving you such a powerful voice...."

Monica C USA

Beautiful song!!! I made it through by the grace of Jesus. AMEN!

Senior Pastor, God's Love Tabernacle International Church and President, Segun Obadje Teaching Ministries.

Minister Bukky, it was a moment of blessing listening and seeing you minister from your heart with purity and verity. Thanks for keeping it simple and real. I enjoyed every bit of it as you enhanced my ministry unto the Lord. It was altogether good. Glory be to God.

Yours in Christ, 
Pastor Segun Obadje  (Ph.D)

Senior Pastor, God's Love Tabernacle International Church and President, Segun Obadje Teaching Ministries.

The Cathedral Church of St Peter Ibadan, Nigeria

"...what a voice to glorify God with! We were blessed immensely by your ministration..."

C Boentges Belgium, Europe

"hi Bukky, ..... I love your website! you are fantastic.
never stop with singing!! x 

California, USA

All Will Be Well - Audio CD

"Thank you,again, for putting together such an inspirational work.. Love the songs on your new CD Bukky. ... "R Ngumba, CA, USA.

London UK

"Amazing Grace CD" Jam is... "I hear the words of love...." The vocal performance and the sound is such a blessing. 


Newport Beach, California

Amazing Grace CD  " Loved it Awesome!"

Ibadan, Nigeria

Amazing Grace CD.
."I have
been blessed by your CD and I pray for great grace always.
thanks a lot for inspiring us"

Orange County, CA

All Will Be Well - Audio CD

"I just listened to the CD on my way to work today.  The songs are beautiful.  The singer has a beautiful voice. It includes one of my favorite songs that we haven’t sang in Church for a while...." Hiam CA


Anthony Village, Lagos, Nigeria

Amazing Grace CD " Mum got your CD in Ibadan this morning after the
Vigil. Thank you. Its beautiful. I would like to buy some too....

USA Hill Place Blog

Orange County California

All Will Be Well - Audio CD

"You and your team did a great job.  It's a wonderful thing to be given a gift like yours, but your sharing that gift makes it all the more special.  All the best and all blessings to you,... I'd say good luck but I think you have something much bigger than luck on your side..."Mick Barton



"A very soothing and affirming song...Bless you my sis!!"

Ibadan, Nigeria, Africa

"Lovely work..."

Muyiwa Olarewaju, Station Director & Presenter Premier Radio UK

Celebrate Christmas With Bukky - Audio CD

"I've had a listen and the Project sounds great! listed on Premier radio and Premier Gospel UK ..."



By Amazon Verified Purchase.All Will Be Well (MP3 Music)

Powerfully Reviving, Refreshing and Inspiring each and every time I listen to it! The song brings home a message of eternal truth which brings strength, comfort, courage and hope for each new day. Bukky's rendition of the song is soul stirring, and after hearing the song leaves me with the thought..."And now what was I worried about?? She truly has an AMAZING voice that is not just wonderful to listen to, but brings with it an experience you just want to have again, and again, and again! It hard to believe I got so much for a just under a dollar!!!! I Will DEFINATLY be getting more of this artist's music!

Corol L California

All will Be Well Audio CD


Dear Bukky, Thank You For Your Amazing CD. I Love Listening To It As I Drive To And From Work Each Day. It Brings Joy And Serenity, So Needed For The Long Drive!!...


Simply OUTSTANDING!!!!!, December 19, 2012  

Celebrate Christmas With Bukky Audio CD

Amazon Verified Purchase

This is what Christmas is all about!!! a beautiful rendition of well known songs BUT sung in a fresh new way! The singer has a wonderful voice, with a great range that makes listening to the album a real exciting treat! This is going to take my listening to Christmas music to a whole new level for many, many years to come! A GREAT boost to true festive cheer!!

Manila, Philippines

"The best.........."

Oslob, Cebu

"I love you & i thank you Lord Jesus my God!!! Amen"

Cebu City

"Lord Thank U for everything....Amen"

Jose Rizal University

"Thank you God amen"

Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines



"Amen...thank you Lord.."







Manila,, Philippines


St. Louis University



"Praise God Amen"

United Kingdom

"Awesome Lord, yes U r Our King n I love U Lord!"


"He's our King for all eternity..."

Glasgow, Scotland

California, USA

"Thank you for your beautiful song, I really love it, and your CD cover too..."

University College of The Caribbean

"Nice Words"

Review for "I Love You Lord" Bukky's New Worship Single - See more at:

University of Mindanao, Philippines

"Nice Song.."

Nigeria, Africa

"This is one of the richest voices I've ever heard. Blessed!"