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I Love You Lord By Bukky


Music in My Heart By Bukky


Let Your Glory Fill This Place By Bukky


Amazing Grace By Bukky


Sing a New Melody By Bukky


Magnify The Lord By Bukky


I Love You Lord By Bukky


Song of the Redeemed By Bukky


Glory Glory (Clap Your Hands Reprise) By Bukky


Pray Forgive Us Lord By Bukky


Words of Love By Bukky


I Made It Through By Bukky




Nipa Ife Olugbala by Bukky

(All Will be Well-Yoruba Nigerian Version)


"I Love You Lord" by Bukky

A New Worship Experience!

From Bukky's "All Will Be Well" Album

"When Peace Like A River"

Bukky on a CBN Network Christmas Show!


"JOG is a Christian Orange county men’s group where we meet monthly to share through testimony and song the power of Christ. This past Christmas we had a special program where we invited our ladies and had as our featured speakers, Bukky and Jide. The program and feedback was just outstanding. Both Bukky and Jide shared from the heart their love of Christ.  Bukky added some beautiful Christmas songs which all of us thoroughly enjoyed. Jide and Bukky represent a powerful couple committed to sharing the good news found from a dedicated life in Christ." Chuck Pennington.

Celebrate Christmas With Bukky CD 

We Wish You A Merry  Christmas!



Celebrate Christmas with Bukky CD On TV

Celebrate Christmas With Bukky CD Oh Holy Night

A Joyous and Merry Christmas to You dear Friends!


 Loving You By Bukky


Ose Ose O (Thank You Father) By Bukky