"I read your book! WOW! Surprisingly compelling!" -Bryan Duncan Grammy winner and recipient of four Dove Awards, USA

"I started writing books to help ignite spiritual passion in people on a local and global level –to maintain and hold onto it for those who have that passion already, and nurture it back to strength in those who are stagnant in their faith • I also want to help people to examine what they have gone through in the past, get them to engage with that internally and help everyone to keep perspective, stay strong, be authentic and be their best in every moment. Above all, I'd like to encourage each person to continue walking faithfully on God’s path." Discover the joy of listening to our audiobooks. Order now.

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“I Made it Through". It's such a powerful testimonial of God's goodness and faithfulness to you especially. We really thank God for your life. I started and almost finished reading the book on my flight to Lagos a few days ago. What a great inspiration and encouragement it is and will be to multitudes. Well done... Praise God indeed!! I wish you and your family all the blessings of this season and a happy, prosperous and fruitful new year ahead in Jesus' name.  We celebrate you and God bless you!"

— Pastor Leke Sanusi. RCCG Victory House. London UK



“Absolutely Inspiring-Must Read! I absolutely loved this book and I recommend everyone read it. This book is a beautiful representation of God working in a strong woman’s life today in a very real way. Bukky tells her life testimony in a clever and truthful fashion including not just the blessings she has experienced but also the challenges anyone walking on God’s path will experience. Throughout the book, you can see her passion and the deference she has towards Jesus and the great blessings God has worked in her life as a result. The Bible verses throughout the book made me stop and think about my own path and were very valuable, but my favorite portion of the book was the journal entries at the very end. Her testimony of giving up everything to her faith in God is simply inspiring and encourages me to ask questions and take my own steps into a life of faith. ” 

-Greta D.



"Although mainly directed at Christians, Agboola’s memoir can teach people of other faiths. In every situation she passes through, the author never forgets God. She challenges the reader to put their own faith to work when they find themselves in dire straits. In the last chapter, she promises that faith in tandem with good works will always be fruitful. In this uplifting memoir, she gives the reader hope that every tribulation can be overcome." 

-Wawa Book Review By Timi Odueso


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"You Have a Way of Fleshing it out in Inspiring Yet Practical Ways

By looking at the lives of many biblical characters. This book encourages me to continue pursuing a persistent and unshakeable faith."

- Melanie Tucker, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Texas, USA.


"This is a Very Inspiring Book. 

It's one thing to know about faith, but this book embraces all the aspects of faith and brings it to life. It inspired me to see God and faith in Him in a whole new way. I highly recommend this book, regardless of where you are in your journey with God. It reminds me that having unshakeable faith is very possible and is not some convoluted secret. Easy to follow and easy to read, and yet challenges the reader to really look at oneself. Very well written!" -Nathan A., Surrey, UK.


"Your Amazing Book. Glowingly Positive! 

This is a truly beautiful book: kudos! You reduced me to tears a few times, but mostly it just felt affirmatory and challenging (in a good way)! Have copied a few bits that really spoke to me in the P.S. I also find it a very hope-filled book. It would, I think, encourage people new to faith as well as strengthen those of us who've been working on our faith for a while. It's a deeply thoughtful, well-researched book. I knew that Daniel has been called fictional, but I never read that he must have been very old during his hour of trial. I also love the way that you point the ending of each chapter with questions, directly to the reader. You also have a happy knack of finding just the right punchline from Scripture for your point. 

P.S. Favorite bits at the moment: " 

"When the outcome of our struggles feels disappointing, this can place great strain on our faith. It requires trust in God at the highest level to release our expectations. This aspect of faith is probably one of the hardest for us to fully embrace. We need the discernment of the Holy Spirit to recognize that God's highest priority is to transform us, not just our circumstances."

-Alice M., Kent, UK


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