Why I Write

"I started writing books to help ignite spiritual passion in people on a local and global level –to maintain and hold onto it for those who have that passion already, and nurture it back to strength in those who are stagnant in their faith • I also want to help people to examine what they have gone through in the past, get them to engage with that internally and help everyone to keep perspective, stay strong, be authentic, and be their best in every moment. Above all, I'd like to encourage each person to continue walking faithfully on God’s path."

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AUTHOR BUKKY AGBOOLA receives national recognition through the NEW YORK CITY BIG BOOK AWARD®!

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"When I began reading Giving God Ultimate Love by Bukky Agboola I wasn't sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised with the content, writing style, and encouraging tone she takes. I think this book will be a helpful resource in giving the Global church a fresh perspective. Bukky is wise, witty, and engaging!" 

- Regina C. USA 



"Bukky, I just finished and WOW.... you are incredible. The love and energy you exude are just wonderful and you have made a permanent imprint on my life. I appreciate this book more than you know. It (and you) spoke to me at the perfect time...I will keep an eye out for more books to come. People like you are few and far between..."  


- Matt USA

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My free gift to you dear friends! Get a sample of my book "I Made it Through." It touches on what it means to truly have faith in God's master plan. A captivating story of sacrifice, strength and love.

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