“It was a moment of blessing listening and seeing you  minister from your heart with purity and verity”

—Pastor Segun O.

Amazing Grace CD

Amazing Grace


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Gospel Music! The message with a Popular appeal to all!

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".....My Jam is... "I hear the words of love...." The vocal performance and the sound is such a blessing.    ”  

— Muyiwa Olarewaju Station Director Premier Gospel Radio Station, London UK 


“...what a voice to glorify God with! We were blessed immensely by your ministration... ”

Mrs Aderonke A — The Cathedral Church of St Peter Ibadan, Nigeria 


“Amazing Grace CD.."I have been blessed by your CD and I pray for great grace always. thanks a lot for inspiring us"...” 

— Pastor Yomi Ajayi , Worship Leader, Ibadan, Nigeria

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Celebrate Christmas With Bukky Reviews

"I received the wonderful CD this morning. I immediately listened to it and I have to say, it is FANTASTIC!  My favorites are "Joy to the World", "The First Noel", and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"... I will definitely recommend this CD to my friends...."

Shelley Liu 劉綺蕙 國際衛視新聞部採訪主任/主播News Reporter/News Anchor, ICN TV” - 劉綺蕙 Los Angeles CA USA.


“Celebrate Christmas With Bukky- audio CD Bukky, My daughter (Melissa) was so pleased....It was just fun to listen to all  her comments as she shared them with whoever would listen. Thank you for putting the joy of Christ in all our hearts.  God Bless you and your ministry. " ”

Chuck P — First Congregational Church of Anaheim CA.


Celebrate Christmas With Bukky

Bukky Agboola

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Enjoy a Soul Gospel Christmas with everyone on your list! Happy Birthday Jesus!

Bukky's Collection Of Popular Christmas Carols represents some of the Best In Christmas Music, A small but wonderful Christmas Gift Idea For Everyone On Your List! The Christmas Message is timeless and in this Artist we have a Joyful fresh Voice In Gospel Music!

A Unique Brand In Christmas Music.

This Album is A Great Stocking Stuffer For All Ages. Merry Christmas!

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Story Behind "Celebrate Christmas With Bukky"Album

This album was recorded after some serious soul searching during the Christmas season one year. I had "googled" just for fun to find out which were the top one hundred Christmas Songs, but to my alarm in that year, only three or so on the list had anything to do with the REASON for Christmas; JESUS' BIRTH. I also had some friends do the same exercise with me and they all got the same result. Then we also noticed that for quite a while now, many of the Christmas songs and symbols had little or nothing to do with JESUS BIRTH. There were many songs about the Christmas tree, much ado about Santa, ornaments, jingle bells, and the cold weather outside, but not the songs that shared the true message of Christmas. There was very little acknowledgment of the savior's birth. So with all of the production value and muscle that we could muster in a hurry, we got working to play our small part in reversing this sad trend. Our team really appreciates your support in putting the CHRIST back in CHRISTMAS. Christmas is a very special time for sharing and this album is perfect for all.   

Why I Sing

While I was based in London, the God-given talent to sing that I had never considered to be anything more than a gift of DNA from my multitalented parents would catapult me from career to calling! Blessed and surprised by God, I was dubbed the anointed singer and later was also called the alleluia lady . These names were on account of my passionate shouts of the praise word “alleluia” before or after I sang or preached . Many have described to me that as I ministered, it felt as if they were seated under “open heavens,” and they experienced an overwhelming sense of God’s presence .

During these challenging times, my music offers everyone a vital connection to God’s love to help us to devote ourselves to a faithful relationship with God and strengthen our spirits to overcome life's most difficult adversities and trials.  learn more about that story in my book  " I Made It Through".


"Beautiful song!!!"

"I made it through by the grace of Jesus. AMEN!" 

Monica C (USA)

Story Behind " All Will Be well" CD

"Happy New Day!" Bukky's favorite greeting to family and friends comes with a story of faith overcoming life's adversities. Here's a behind the scenes look at the life behind that smile.  The "All Will Be Well" Album was recorded by Bukky after the tragic loss of both of her parents who had been fervent Christians at the time of their passing."I quite simply did not want to sing and had to will myself back to worship by recording this album" she says. This explains the overall mood of the album not being the usual foot-stomping stuff Gospel music is well known for. " I wanted to communicate the messages that got me up during this dark period with the little strength I had at the time". Through ALL of life's challenges, joy can be rediscovered in and through God's promises. This is my story, this is my song:  ALL WILL BE WELL. 


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